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AC 900 XP
CROQ 1270
CROQ 15-17-19

logo 1As a leading manufacturer/ designer of small to medium sized high speed military craft, we provide a comprehensive and extremely cost effective solution to all your needs. We produce vessels for professionals by professionals.

Among our clients you will find Coast Guard, Navy, Boarder Patrol and other arms of Defense. Security Companies that are working to protect vital assets such as oil & gas facilities, escort services in high risk areas due to the ever increasing threat of piracy.

At Armacraft we facilitate a smooth transition from design to delivery of every vessel we produce. Carefully supervised by our highly skilled Naval Architects and onsite Technicians. Which guard the whole production of our high speed Interceptors, ballistic protected patrol vessels, search & rescue boats, landing crafts and Special operations projects.

At Armacraft we offer expert counsel on operational needs and requirements to help identify the best system compilation to achieve your operational requirements. We use applicable military standards to derive highly accurate predictions on the reliability and maintainability for our client’s chosen platform and system mix. A full life cycle cost analysis is also performed to ensure consistent relevancy.

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